Early Stage Ventures

Consulting, Valuation, Audit, Review & Tax Services.

We offer a suite of Financial Reporting and Consulting Services specifically designed for Early Stage Ventures seeking large amounts of capital from investors & lenders.  These services are provided by Frank and his affiliated team of financial and legal consultants.


Flexibility:  Any of our services may be used separately to support your existing financial and legal advisers.

Just Do My Books

Our CPA trained bookkeepers not only enter data but also recognize transactions and trigger points that impact valuation, financial covenants, compensation agreements and revenue based obligations. 

Financial Reporting & Valuation Services

Our Financial Reporting Team provides GAAP based Financial Statements, Capitalization Tables, Flash Reports 

and other customized data​ for Management, Partners & Legal Advisers.

  • 409a Business Valuations

  • ​Implement Revenue Recognition and other Accounting Policies                 

  • Design & Execute Internal Controls

  • ​Rolling Capitalization & Convertible Debt Schedules

  • Statements of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows & Burn Rates

  • Rolling Financial Projections   

  • Budget to Actual Reporting 

  • Customized Reports for Partners & Legal Counsel  

CFO Services

  • Advising on Strategies to maximize leverage of capitalization.

  • Accounting for Equity Raises & Debt Transactions

  • Supporting Legal Counsel and Liaison with Financial Advisers & Partners

  • Assisting with Corporate Organization & Governance

  • Structuring Equity-Based Compensation, Vesting Parameters and related tax planning

  • Setting up Buy-Sell Strategies and Tax-advantaged Funding

Tax Services

  • Preparation of Federal, State & Local Income, Sales & Franchise tax flings

  • Individual Tax Services for Key Personnel

  • Maximizing Tax Credits & Cost Segregation Studies

  • Compliance with State Tax Nexus rules for sufficient physical presence​it

  • Coordination with Payroll Service and Third Party Administrators

  • Resolution of  tax complications, Amnesty, Abatement & Audit issues

  • Assisting with Worker's Compensation and Labor Department issues

  • Assist Key Personnel with Foreign and Domestic tax compliance

Crowdfunding Audit & Review Services

Fund raising often requires your financial statements and internal accounting

controls to be examined in connection with events such as Regulation A+ Crowdfundig

and other capital solicitations.  With  over 12 combined years experience at two of the world's

most sophisticated audit firms PriceWaterhouseCoopers & Grant Thornton and 20 years

in private practice Frank Feis collaborates with and confidently recommends Artesian CPA

to meet your financial examination requirements. 

Contact Craig Denlinger, Managing Partner at Artesian CPA to learn 

more about their cost efficient, highly recognized services.

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