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Individual Financial Solutions:

  • Deferred Savings Plans: IRA, Roth IRA SEP, Rollovers


  • Long Term Care & Disability Plans & Strategies                        including cash reimbursement policies such as Aflac.


  • Basic & Advanced LIfe Insurance Solutions


  • Basic & Managed Investments, EFT's , Mutual Funds,              Bond Funds and other investment vehicles.​


  • Low Cost Guaranteed Fixed & Variable Annuities


  • Estate & Generational Solutions



We will first discuss your tax position and identify strategies to maximize your tax deductions and shelters available to you and your family.  As a Tax Adviser, Licensed Insurance Professional and knowledgeable about personal and business finances I work with Investment Advisers, Insurance Companies and Elder & Estate Attorneys to incorporate sound tax planning with their expert financial solutions.

Tax Services 

  • ​Expert Tax Services for Individuals, Estates & Family Partnerships

  • Strategic Coordination of Individual with Business Tax Solutions

  • Timely online filing and catch-up lings for prior years

  • Assistance with Resolution of Tax Issues, Liens & Penalties

  •  Assist with Abatement, Amensty & Installment Loans

  • Audit or Reporting Issues, Late Filings & Penalties

Coordinating your Tax Strategies with your Financial Solutions

Working with financial and legal professionals I will help coordinate your tax services with the products and strategies recommended by your investment & legal advisers.

  • Your Overall Financial Goals & Strategies

  • Strategic Retirement & Estate Solutions

  • Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRAs and Rollovers

  • Long Term Care & Disability Plans

  • ​Basic & Advanced Life Insurance Solutions

  • Managed Investments, EFT's, Mutual & Bond Funds

  • Protected Principal & Income Solutions

  • ​Estate & Generational Solutions

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