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Business Start-ups

Clear & Simple 

First I will listen to understand your goals. I will then provide a Clear Summary of Short & Long-Term Services, costs and other information so you are confident at each stage of progress and know you

have a reliable right-hand adviser.

Get It Right the First Time

When incorporating there are critical tax and legal elections as well as subsequent registrations that online services and many lawyers simply don't know.  These items will have a large impact on the taxation, control and legal obligations to you, your partners & business.


Also, incorporating right away is not always necessary and immediately obligates you to file Federal & State business tax returns and pay other registration fees even if you have no business activity.  Feel free to consult me on proper timing and many types of Business Formations (see bottom).

Federal Tax ID & dba's

You can begin doing business and even open a business checking account without the obligations and expense

of incorporating  by simply obtaining a Federal Tax ID and an assumed name or dba ( "doing business as" ).  These options will give you a professional image without using your Social Security # for business purposes.

Business Insurance

Don't overlook business insurance because while incorporating will protect your personal assets, business insurance will help immediately satisfy claims without using  lawyers and could prevent crippling liens on your business bank accounts.  

Budgets, Money Supply & Business Plans

A detailed schedule of your expenses at each stage of your business is critical so give yourself at least 6 to 12 months of money to cover expenses before you anticipate revenue.


Example Business Formations

C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Professional Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Series LLCs, Limited Liability Partnerships, Professional Limited Liability Companies, Single Member Limited Liability Companies, Sole Proprietor, Disregarded Entities and even Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships that Elect to be Treated as S-Corporations.  


  • Business formation for maximum tax & legal benefits


  • Tax Services for Business Income, Sales and Payroll Taxes and other Federal, State & Local filing requirements

  • Buying a business for the right price with the best tax strategies


  • Obtain Federal & State Tax ID and required business registrations


  • Just Do My Books Affordable remote or on-site bookkeeping services that can be used with our tax services or separately if you already have a tax adviser


  • Prepare GAAP based Statements of Profits & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow and other financial information

  • Financial Projections & Budget to Actual Analysis

  • Draft tax-advantaged Operating & Shareholder Agreements

  • Set-up Bookkeeping & Accounting Systems


  • Set-up Payroll, Worker Compensation & Health Care Plans

  • Consult on Business & Key Life Insurance Policies


Summary of Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Services

  • Profit & Expense Reports

  • Budget vs. Actual Expense

  • Balance Sheet Reports

  • Business & Individual Tax Returns

  • Overview of Business Finance & Tax Planning

Some of our Clients

  • Software & Technology 

  • ​Media Publishing

  • Holistic, Medical, Dental & Law 

  • Veterinary Medicine

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Recreation & Amusement Parks

  • ​Retail & Wholesale Clothing 

  • Movie & Media Productions 

  • ​Import/Export & Freight

  • Real Estate

  • ​Insurance Agents

  • Commercial & Residential Construction

  • Heavy Equipment Sales & Rentals

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